Positive Psychology Programme

This programme is based on evidence-based principles around positive psychology, and delivered at whole-class level to pupils preparing to transition to secondary school.  There are 7 modules in total, focussing on:  happiness, optimistic thinking, resilience, self-esteem, discovering my strengths, gratitude and mindfulness.  The Primary 7 stage is associated with potential dips in mental health & wellbeing, as such this programme is targeted at the level of early intervention.

The programme is making a real difference to the positive wellbeing of South Ayrshire’s community. Feedback from teaching staff:

Pupils got a lot out of the strengths lesson, they loved finding out their strengths and creating posters

“Pupils have adopted a positive mindset…they have increased in confidence”

 “The programme is 10 out of 10 with lots of great content”

This programme contributes to South Ayrshire being a nurturing and positive authority to live and grow up!