Penumbra Self-Harm Support Service

South Ayrshire Self-harm Support provides sensitive, compassionate and non-judgemental support to people who are at risk of self-harm. This support is available to secondary age pupils across South Ayrshire and their parent or carer.

Penumbra can offer 1:1 support sessions, are trained in person-centred planning techniques, can provide tools and techniques for young people and can also provide information to friends and family members.

Alongside exploring self-harm Penumbra can also support you to look at other areas important to you, such as building self-esteem, confidence and mental health & wellbeing.

In addition to this 1:1 support available to young people who self-harm (or are at risk of self-harm), Penumbra provide group support (these group workshops will be available to secondary age pupils & their content is based on the needs of each individual context) and awareness raising/training. Training is available in South Ayrshire to education staff supporting young people & those working in the capacity of school counselling.

How to access this support:

Young people who wish to access support from this service can complete a self-referral form, or can contact Penumbra via phone on 07923132515 or by email.

For third parties (education staff, social workers, partners in health, parents/carers etc), referrals can be made at this link, via phone on 07923132515 or by email.

For more information, please visit the Penumbra website.

Scan the QR code to access Penumbra's services.

Important PDFs And Documents

Helping parents understand self-harm

Helping young people understand self-harm

Self-harm support leaflet

Self-harm support self referral form

Self-harm support third party referral form

Information for parents and carers

Upcoming Events for Parents and Carers

Our family/carer support groups take place virtually from 6:30pm to 7:30pm every third Thursday of each month. These dates are as follows:

20 April 2023 – 18:30 – 19:30

Please register your interest at:

‘Christine is very efficient and is working well through her programme of work with our list of young people.  We are extremely grateful for Penumbra engaging with so many of our young people and the advice that is available to us.’ – Member of teaching staff

‘I think the service has been very effective in building resilience and confidence in the young people who have accessed it. Alana was excellent at building relationships with different types of pupils and had a huge impact.’ – Member of teaching staff