Togetherall is a safe, digital mental health support community where young people can anonymously access support for their mental health and wellbeing.

It provides the opportunity for users to share about their mental health & wellbeing with others without judgement – public forums are monitored to ensure it remains a safe & respectful space. Users can take assessments, complete courses, journal, create visual expressions, do regular check-ins and learn more to understand their mental health.

In South Ayrshire, Togetherall is available to all young people age 16-25 – all that’s needed is your date of birth and SAC postcode.

Professionals can signpost young people to this service, or appropriate parties can register to become a PRESCRIBER to prescribe Togetherall to the young people they support. For more information about this contact Emma Lambert

To join Togetherall today, visit their website.

Click here to view the Togetherall PDF.

Click here to watch the Togetherall demonstration video.