Family Links – Nurturing Programme for Parents

The ‘Family Links Nurturing Programme for Parents’ is a structured, interactive parenting programme.

This programme is run by Louise Ritchie – (Central Peripatetic Support Services). The programme promotes emotional health and mental wellbeing, relationship skills and positive support strategies for parents, carers, and their children. Each parent/carer is given a book called The Parenting Puzzle, which has ten sessions that match the 10-week programme.

The aims of the nurturing programme are as follows:

  • To help parents understand and manage feelings and behaviour while becoming more positive and nurturing in their relationships with children and each other.
  • To give children and parents an emotionally healthy springboard for their lives and learning.
  • To promote emotional literacy and emotional health.
  • To develop communication and relationship skills.
  • To enhance self-esteem, self-awareness and empathy.
  • To provide effective strategies to encourage co-operative, responsible behaviour and manage challenging behaviour in children.